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Cyber Security Services Orange County

  • 6 in 10 malware attacks are ransomware
  • A business is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds
  • Conventional antiviruses are 40% reliable
  • 71% of targeted businesses get infected
  • 72% of infected businesses lost data access for at least two days
  • 5 Billion paid out to ransomware in 2017
End users clicking on bad links Employees falling for email phishing scams Employees clicking on infected attachments Employees giving away passwords; password management Employees plugging-in malware-infected USB drives Employees losing laptops and phones Employees improper disposal of information saying you won’t happen to me isn’t an option 80% of business’ say employees contribute to the largest cybersecurity threat 57% of businesses assume their data will become compromised 50% of business’ say employees hide cybersecurity incidents 44% of business’ say that employees do not follow IT policies properly many employees take cybersecurity too lightly allowing catastrophic possibilities inappropriate sharing of data with mobile devices data used inappropriately by employees sharing data with suppliers careless uninformed employees, viruses and malware make up one third of attacks in the business

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Don’t think of employee monitoring as a sneaky thing. This is just another management tool that all businesses must have to ensure profitability and safety. It’s not much different than having security cameras around. You need to monitor and protect your property, equipment and especially your data. You can’t do that without knowing what’s going on in your business. You’re not only protecting your business, your protecting all of your employees in your business, by making sure your business is running smoothly and they get to keep their jobs. Employee monitoring is a type of analytics. Employee monitoring lets you know where time is being spent, employee monitoring can help you track attendance and collect proof of hours worked not only for your employees but for invoicing of your clients. Employee monitoring shows employee productivity level, common applications and websites used by your employees, and of course making sure your employees are not selling business secrets or any other type of industrial espionage.

Employee monitoring is not just monitoring on your computers, you can monitor your smartphones and your vehicle locations. With the computer, you’re not just monitoring what websites your employees are visiting or what email your employees send out, your able to view every single keystroke that is typed on your computer and you can view screenshots of everything that is happening on your computers, with just a few simple clicks. You can also have employee monitoring reports emailed to you every day. Employee monitoring will help you decide on raises, product prices, optimal team size and employee productivity.

Employee monitoring benefits include less employee wasted time, fewer employee errors, better employee insights, increased data security, more transparency, better delegation, and less administrative work. With the addiction of social media, you need to have employee monitoring in place to protect your business productivity.

Employee monitoring can have some set-backs as in employee morale, increased stress, perceived lack of privacy, and higher turnover. These negatives can be dramatically decreased with proper administrative rules and care. It’s your choice if your going to inform your employees up front regarding employee monitoring, but it will get out when a bad employee is eventually fired. Finding the best employees in the first place should be a priority which will allow employee monitoring to have more pros than cons. In addition to consulting you regarding employee monitoring, we will guide you with every decision you make with your employee monitoring. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform Cyber Security Business Employee Monitoring for your business.

Above is a list of the most important employee monitoring that we will provide for your business. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform cybersecurity data consulting for your business.