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Cybersecurity Consulting Orange County Cybersecurity Consulting Services Orange County Cybersecurity Computer Consulting Orange County Cybersecurity Data Consulting Orange County

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Backing up your business data is the most important service you can buy for your business. Without your data you can’t do business. Did you know every 40 seconds a business are cyberattacked with ransomware. 60% of those businesses don’t have business data backup or properly setup business data backups. Within 6 months of a business losing its business data, 60% of those business’s go out of business and close down. You must backup your business data correctly or you may lose all of your business data. As you see from above your business data backup is not a simple yes or no question. It’s not as simple as buying an external hard drive to backup your business data yourself any longer, not since ransomware has come into the world many years ago. When you have an external hard drive connected to your computer, your computer gives it a drive letter. Ransomware virus infects all files on the computer and can jump into all drive letters that are mapped on that computer which include, external hard drives or shared folders on another business computer or business server. So not only are the files encrypted on the ransomware infected computer but, all files that the ransomware infected computer has access to, on all other business computers and business servers will become infected and lost. There is nothing that can encrypt business data once it has been infected by ransomware. You must have a business backed up specialist set up your business data backup correctly for any possible circumstance including ransomware attacks, computer failure, hard drive crash, theft, employee user mistake, disgruntled employee, accidental deletion and more.

The best practice of business data backup is triple redundancy, let us evaluate your business data and set up your business data backup correctly so no matter what may happen you won’t lose any of your business data. Our business data backup survey will find out how many computers you have, how much data do you have on all of your business computers, business servers, external hard drives, and business shared folders. We will look at how often you perform your business data backup currently, how you perform your business data backup, who has access to your business data backup files, how old are the devices that hold your business data backup files. When was the last time you tested your business data backup? Do your business data backups include a file history? Who is monitoring your business data backup and more. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform Cybersecurity Business Data Backup for your business.

Above is a list of the most important cybersecurity consulting services that we will provide for your business. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform cybersecurity data consulting for your business.