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Cybersecurity Consulting Orange County Cybersecurity Consulting Services Orange County Cybersecurity Computer Consulting Orange County Cybersecurity Data Consulting Orange County

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Cybersecurity consulting, yes, and more. We offer not only cybersecurity consulting but full IT consulting and services. Your data is important, your data is invaluable. You need to protect it from everyone and everything including yourself. Accidents happen, whether its user error or a power outage, you need to make sure all your bases have been covered with protecting your business data, protecting your business reputation and everything else. We consult with you not just in with protecting your company’s data and devices but we consult you in all technology matters from network consulting, data consulting, onsite backup consulting, cloud backup consulting, Cybersecurity Employee Training, Internet of Things IoT Consulting, AntiVirus Consulting, Cybersecurity Personal Device Consulting, Cybersecurity Company Device Consulting, Cybersecurity Remote Connection Consulting, Technology Age and Usefulness Consulting, computer consulting, server consulting, cloud consulting, program consulting, app consulting, power surge protection consulting and more. Before you buy that expensive equipment consult with us and let us make sure you know what you’re actually getting. Don’t just listen to the salesperson, let us consult with you and the salesperson. We ask the correct questions and understand the tech language and will make sure this expensive equipment or program is going to do exactly what you need it to do. You won’t believe how many times people have purchased something because they thought it was going to be the answer to their problem or allow their employees to be more organized.

Cybersecurity Network Consulting – There are many parts to your network; modem channels, router speed, ethernet cable speed, switch speed, lan port speed, WiFi speed, and of course the network security. With these many parts to your network, it’s easy to have one or more parts being a network funnel. When one of these is the weakest link or outdated network technology, it will severely cripple your network speed and network security. Allow us to survey your business network consulting with you regarding every aspect of your business network making sure it’s running at its optimal potential or network speed and network security. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform Cybersecurity Network Consulting for your business.

Cybersecurity Data Consulting – One of, if not the most important asset of your business is your company data, and without cybersecurity data consulting your company data is definitely at risk. Your company data holds all of your company’s important info like your customers info, word documents, excel spreadsheets, jpeg pictures, business pdf’s, outlook emails, accounting databases, marketing documents and more. In fact, your company data is so important that 60% of business’s that get infected with ransomware and don’t have an effective data backup, go out of business within 6 months. Did you know a business gets hit with ransomware cyberattack every 40 seconds? These cybercriminals don’t only go after large corporations. More small to medium size business’s get cyberattacked than large corporate company’s. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform cybersecurity data consulting for your business.

Cybersecurity Onsite Local Data Backup Consulting – The most important action to take to keep your business data secure and safe is too back up your data. Backing up your data locally should be an automatic action. In fact, that’s what we do, our cybersecurity onsite local data backup consulting will create the correct onsite local backup for all your data. Do you know how much data you have? Do you know where all your data is located? Are you positive your employees are keeping your business data in the correct designated directories? Do you already have a scheduled onsite local data backup? Where is your onsite local data backup located or stored? Have you tested or looked at your onsite local data backup? Have you tried to recover your onsite local data backup? Do you have a file history of your business data? You will know the answer to all of these questions after we perform your cybersecurity onsite local data backup consulting. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform cybersecurity data consulting for your business.

Cybersecurity Cloud Backup Consulting – Not only should you have an onsite local data backup for your company, you need to have our cyber security cloud backup consulting for the ultimate protection of your company data. What if someone broke into your company office and stole your computers which hold your data and your backup? What if there was a fire at your company office that destroyed your computers with your company data and your company onsite local data backup? With your company data and your company on-site local data backup gone or destroyed how long would you be able to keep your company up and running? You must have a cloud backup of your company data to ensure your company data safety. Allow us to perform cybersecurity cloud backup consulting to keep your company data safe no matter what happens to your company data! Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform cybersecurity data consulting for your business.

Cybersecurity Employee Training – Ask any IT tech person, the most common problem with the computer or your company data is the result of a company employee making mistake. No employee is perfect but with our cyber security employee training you will keep your employees informed regarding how to keep your company safe from cyber security attacks and the best practices on keeping your company data safe. You can’t only rely on employee training so make sure you keep your company data safe from accidental mistakes but training your employees should be a must since your company data is in their hands several hours a day. We not only perform cyber security employee training but best practices on how to handle every day computer data tasks keeping your employees trained and smart with your company data and company computer tasks. The best corporate businesses have ongoing employee training which allows those corporations to be on top and stay ahead of all types of cybersecurity and other possible cyberthreats to their company data. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform Cybersecurity Employee Training for your business.

Cybersecurity IoT Consulting - The Internet of Things, IoT, is one of the latest business buzz words. IoT’s are everyday items like light bulbs, door locks, refrigerators, coffee makers and more that can now be connected to the Internet. Almost all of the business technology and business software your company uses or business data you create, may connect to the Internet. With that many devices having access to your data it is more important today to keep your business data safe from cyberattacks or other accidents. You also can collect new data that may increase business and revenue or save money by cutting costs or finding leaks. Found out how by contacting us 714-362-6209 or for us to perform Cybersecurity IoT Consulting for your business.

Cybersecurity AI AntiVirus Consulting - Conventional signature based antivirus’s have become less helpful over the years especially with the introduction of ransomware cyberattacks. Viruses’s have unique digital fingerprint’s, where signature based antivirus’s work by already having a record of that fingerprint. Unfortunately, those fingerprints can easily be changed fooling the signature based antivirus so it will pass its security system letting the virus then infect your business computers and business network. We use Artificial Intelligence AntiVirus, AI AntiVirus also called Machine Learning AntiVirus, in your business computers and business network which are 99.9% reliable. AI AntiVirus doesn’t look at signatures, instead an AI Antivirus or Machine Learning AntiVirus can find malicious code in programs. Allow us to perform our Cybersecurity AI AntiVirus Consulting so we may inform you of the latest technologies to keep your business data safe from all types of cybersecurity attacks. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform Cybersecurity AI AntiVirus Consulting for your business.

Cybersecurity Personal Device Consulting – Nearly 80% of employees bring unsecured personal devices like a phone or laptop to work, accessing the company WiFi, sending and receiving company emails, accessing company data from Dropbox or Google Drive and more simply by entering their credentials. When this is done, your company data can easily be compromised or shared without your authority or knowledge. Your company needs to start implementing a proactive mobile cybersecurity personal device procedure to minimizing mobile data security threats and protect what may happen from an employee’s unsecure personal device. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform Cybersecurity Personal Device Consulting for your business.

Computer Consulting Survey – We are not just a cybersecurity consulting company, we will manage all of your technology devices, making sure you know everything you need to keep your business running fast. It’s great ROI on that business computer you bought 7 years ago that still works, but are you sure you’re not losing more money by not replacing it with an updated computer? It now takes so long to open anything up with every single click, that the employee that uses that computer is wasting a third of their pay period waiting for it to catch up with them. Your business can’t afford not to buy the correct technology for the job. If that computer is using AutoCAD, then you need to get a computer that will efficiently run AutoCAD. Does your business have computers that take over a minute to boot, it needs to be replaced? Are you afraid to get rid of a certain business computer because you don’t have a certain business program on any other business computer and it won’t work on any newer computers? You’re doing your business major harm and are bleeding hours and money. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform Computer Consulting Survey for your business.

Above is a list of the most important cybersecurity consulting services that we will provide for your business. Contact 714-362-6209 or for us to perform cybersecurity data consulting for your business.