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End users clicking on bad links Employees falling for email phishing scams Employees clicking on infected attachments Employees giving away passwords; password management Employees plugging-in malware-infected USB drives Employees losing laptops and phones Employees improper disposal of information saying you won’t happen to me isn’t an option 80% of business’ say employees contribute to the largest cybersecurity threat 57% of businesses assume their data will become compromised 50% of business’ say employees hide cybersecurity incidents 44% of business’ say that employees do not follow IT policies properly many employees take cybersecurity too lightly allowing catastrophic possibilities inappropriate sharing of data with mobile devices data used inappropriately by employees sharing data with suppliers careless uninformed employees, viruses and malware make up one third of attacks in the business

Employee Training Can Reduce Cyber Security Threats - Your company’s data is extremely important. In fact, 40% of businesses that have been attacked by ransomware go out of business within 5 years. An important defense for your company’s data are your employees. You train your employees for product and service awareness, now you need to add employee cyber security training. In fact, employee cyber security training should be performed with every employee no matter their position or access. Many studies show you can reduce cyber security threats or attacks up to 70% when as much employee cyber security training is implemented as product and services are. If you are using older computers and technology like a conventional signature antivirus and untrained employees, you have a growing cyber security threat to your company’s data and company network. Don’t exclude any employee from our cyber security training, the higher up the employee, the greater risk they are. Spear phishing is the specific targeting of executives or companies to scam from a well-written email. Two company giants, Google and FaceBook were both scammed from spear phishing emails for $100 million each. If they can be attacked and scammed, you will be tricked too. Smishing, SMS phishing attacks, are a growing concern in 2017. Another reason to constantly train your employees to reduce cyber security threats.

Small businesses are being targeted by social engineering schemes. More than 75% of small companies are targeted by malicious hackers because they lack the dedicated cyber security team or cyber security technology to stop the cyber security threats.

Most people are not tech savvy which include employees and end-users. These days most of the work an employee does is on the computer which allows for a larger percentage of business data accidents. Adding your business computers to the Internet raises the cyber security risk exponentially. Whether an employee knows how to use a computer better than another employee does not make that employee safer in regards to your business data and cyber security attacks. It makes sense to give employee training at different levels for everyone in the company including the owner.

Cyber criminals all around the world are attacking the general population and businesses in a very deceptive way. They are actually buying ad space all over the Internet to get you and your employees to click on their infected links and they pose as genuine businesses to scam even highly educated employees and people. Once they click on the phishing link, most employees will know it’s a fake or infected website and that the phishing link they click on tricked them. Often the cybercriminals use scripting and coding technology that can lock your browser so they can’t get out or close the browser window by clicking the X in the corner. We will teach all employees in the company how to quickly and easily detect phishing links and prevent them from clicking on phishing links in the first place. Also, if an employee still clicks on a phishing link we will teach them how to easily get out of the locked, infected website without any damage. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform Cyber Security Employee Training for your business.

Email phishing scams are the largest growing cyber attacks by cyber criminals. Cyber criminals create elaborate emails to fool the email recipient to engage with the phishing email they received by clicking a link to sign in to the recipients real account from the email phishing link within the phishing email. When the recipient clicks the phishing link, they are sent to a website that looks exactly like the real website that they expect to see. Phishing emails usual pose as a bank but can be a popular website like Amazon or even PayPal. Once the recipient enters in their login credentials, the phishing scammers now have the recipient’s real login credentials and can steal the recipient’s info or money. Let us teach all your employees how to know which emails are phishing and how to deal with them while teaching them what to do if they do accidently click on a phishing email. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform Cyber Security Employee Training for your business.

In addition to email phishing scams, another email scam includes attachments that will infect your business computer and business network once your employee opens the email attachment. These email scams usually pose as banks with an attachment, or a shipping company like USPS, FedEx or UPS with an attachment. If your company ships a lot of product, it can be easy for an employee to click on one of these types of emails scams. We have also seen emails posing as an invoice with an attachment of an invoice. Some attachments are viruses themselves and can possible be picked up by an antivirus, but many are not malicious code but execute steps to open a port and go out to the Internet and download a virus to infect your business computer and business network. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform Cyber Security Employee Training for your business.

Employees should act as a team and help each other out, but passwords are not only in place to keep non-employees out of your business data and business network, but to act as a paper trail of what employee has been accessing which business data. Different employees have access to different business data for example someone working in accounting has access to the accounting business data and someone processing orders would not have access to the accounting business data. The less people who have access to your most important business data the better. Having strong passwords and making employees change their passwords regularly is vitally important to your business data no matter how inconvenient it may feel. A recent review of 5 million passwords stolen found that the most commonly used passwords were “123456” and “password”. Your business must have in place employee credentials and changing passwords. We can help you put together the correct plan without the use of expensive servers. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform Cyber Security Employee Training and employee password management for your business.

Many researches have done studies by leaving hundreds of USB flash drives lying around as if they were dropped. They discovered that 60% of those USB flash drives were plugged into a computer. What’s even worse is only 16% scanned the USB flash drive they inserted into a computer with an antivirus. When a logo has been added to the USB flash drive, 90% were inserted into a computer. Who’s to even say if all the USB flash drives were even found and picked up. It is a known trick by cyber criminals to infect USB flash drives and plant them in locations where they know it will be discovered and most likely inserted into a computer. In fact, many people say they will test things on their work computer before they test it on their own computer. There have even been cases of brand new, sealed USB flash drives have been placed in mailboxes by cyber criminals with malicious code infecting the USB flash drives infecting every computer they were inserted in. USB flash drives are so cheap, there is no reason to take this type of risk. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform Cyber Security Employee Training and employee password management for your business.

You don’t hear it is much as the large cyber security breaches like target and Equifax, but it’s easier to steal a laptop than it is to penetrate a business network. Having a password only, is not acceptable for correctly securing a business laptop. Your business must add encryption programs and new training for employees to ensure that your business data is safe. But what about the employees that use their own personal computers to hold your sensitive business data. Business laptop data encryption is a must to keep your business data safe. Whether your employee left their laptop on a plane, train or in a taxi or if their home was broken into, you need to make sure your sensitive business data is secure on your business devices. Research was done where 275 companies were surveyed. They discovered 70,000 laptops were reported lost totaling almost $2 billion worth of expenses from replacing the laptop, lost productivity, legal, regulatory and consulting expenses, forensic and data breaches. While a password on a phone may be enough, 70% of people don’t password protect their phone and 89% of people who find a phone browse through sensitive information. There is technology available to protect phones if they are lost or stolen. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform Cyber Security Employee Training and how to stop your company from suffering from these accidents of lost laptops and phones.

Above is a list of the most important cybersecurity consulting services that we will provide for your business. Contact 714-362-6209 or info@techsafely.com for us to perform cybersecurity data consulting for your business.